Bike rental Amsterdam

Standard bike rental

  • Discover Amsterdam by bike
  • Better and more fun than public transport
  • Return your bike at flexible times
Cargo bike rental Amsterdam

Family cargo bike rental

  • Take your family along
  • Electrical support!
  • Only available in Amsterdam at Bici Bike!
  • Available as of € 36.00
Urban arrow cargo

Urban Arrow Cargo

  • Fast and Functional
  • Electrical support!
  • Big loading capacity!
  • Available as of € 36.00
Bicycle rental shop

More than just a bicycle rental shop! is part of Bicicare a small bike shop located in Amsterdam west since 2013. From the very first day our mission was to offer a superior service and advice to all our clients when it comes to repair or buy a bike.

Through the years we ended up working more and more with family bikes or how the dutch call them – bakfiets – which allow to carry two or more kids in total freedom and safety all around the city. A few years later we thought that this way of transportation, so loved by the locals, could be easily used to help tourists moving around freely and fast enough in our big but all in all small city!

With the same high quality as Bicicare in mind, Bici-Bikes was born!

What our customers say about us…

Best bike repair shop in Amsterdam, reliable and fast.

Chiara Graniero Avatar Chiara Graniero
February 6, 2022

Rented the Urban Arrow Family from them for a couple hours. Alex was very friendly and direct, I could just leave my ID with them and I was on my way. Very friendly and professional. Would recommend 10/10!

Marnix Bosscher Avatar Marnix Bosscher
February 6, 2021

What a great and kind service! I rented an urban arrow for my little nephew to transport him easy through the city to different playgrounds and we both had a blast. He loves the bike and so do I. So easy to drive and the cherry on the cake is the easy renting and super lovely service. I’ll definitely come back!

Nina Schifferdecker Avatar Nina Schifferdecker
April 6, 2022

Best bike shop in Amsterdam. Urban Arrow experts and very friendly and helpful

Andy Johns Avatar Andy Johns
April 6, 2022

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