Pick up & drop off

What are your opening times?

You can find our opening time on our contact page.

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, we have only limited opening times in order to give you the chance to pick up and return the bike.

How can I check availability of the bikes?

On the right corner of the homepage, you will find a button “MAKE RESERVATIONS” click on it, fill the dates you wish to rent a bike for and the system will show you what is available for the chosen period.

Can I pick up or return outside the opening times?

We at Bici-bikes are a small team running a very busy shop. It’s possible to pick up and return 7 days a week, but only within opening times.

Can a rental bike be delivered at our holiday address?

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver and collect bikes. Pick up and drop off can only be done at our shop, which is 100 meters away from one of the Amsterdam tram stops.

Making reservations

What do I need to do to rent an Urban Arrow?

To rent an Arrow cargo bike you must be over 18, you must have made a reservation and payment at our website.

You must have a valid Passport when coming and collect the bike together with the deposit of € 350 which can be paid per bank transfer (if you have a Dutch bank account) or in CASH in all other cases.

We accept: Euro’s / US Dollars/ GB Pounds

We are not able to accept a credit card for the deposit.

How much does it cost to rent an Urban Arrow at Bicicare?

The price is € 36.00 for each 24 hours.

When making reservations, the system will calculate the exact price including accessories, based on your choice.

Discounts for the longer period will be automatically calculated by the system as well.

How can I book multiple bikes at once?

Unfortunately, our booking system can only process one bike at the time, so it’s only possible to book multiple bikes by repeating the process multiple times.

We are working hard trying to improve this.

How can I pay?

When completing the order you can pay in a few different ways: iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort, credit card.

Can I change / cancel my reservation?

Yes, according to our terms and conditions you can cancel and get 100% refund if you cancel 4 days before the rental starts. If you cancel up to 2 days before rental starts, you will get a 50% refund. If you cancel within two days that the rental starts, there will be no refund.


Is there a deposit?

Although we love to trust everyone showing up at our shop, a deposit of €350 is requested when renting any electric bike from Bici-Bikes. For regular non-electric city bikes the deposit its €50. Deposit is paid in cash at the shop and a valid ID must be shown.

How do I pay the deposit?

Deposit can only be paid in TWO ways:
1. Money transfer before collecting the bike
2. Cash deposit when collecting the bike at the shop.
Money transfer details
Bank: ING Bank
Bank account:  NL96INGB0008326421
Name: Bicicare
We accept all the main currencies: Euro’s, US Dollars, GB pounds, Canadian Dollars.
Due to the overcomplicated Dutch banking systeem we are NOT able to accept creditcard as a form of deposit of payment in the shop.

How do I get my deposit refunded?

Deposit will be paid back in the same way we have received it from you, after you returned the bike to us.
Cash will be refunded directly at return of the bike. Deposits paid by bank transfer will be refund within 3 working days.

What happens to the deposit in case of damage?

In case of damage or loss we will use this deposit to cover the cost made or part of them.
All the reparation prices are listed in our shop. Please ask a staff member if you have any questions.

Using your bike

Is an Urban Arrow difficult to cycle or can I easily cycle on it?

The Urban Arrow is probably the best cargo bike has ever been built so far, keeping in mind stability and safety. Experience has shown that anyone who cycles regularly can also cycle on an electric cargo bike. In the beginning you have to get used to the length of the bike. Steering is little different at first but after the first few kilometers of practice, almost everyone succeeds.

How do I charge the battery?

The battery can be charged in the hotel room or at home. All our bikes are equipped with a battery charger which allows you to recharge from 0 to 50% in one hour or from 0 to 100% in three hours.

How many kilometers I can cycle on one battery/charge?

All our bikes are maximum 1 year old, well maintained and come with a 400Wh battery.

Depending on which level of motor support you use, headwind, and amount of weight you are carrying in the bike, you can go between 35 and 55km on one charge.

What do I do when I have a flat tire?

Every bike is equipped with a small pump in case you will have a flat tire on the road. You can pump the tire and still cycle a bit so that you can seek help at the nearest bicycle shop.

For those leaving the city with the bike, we will provide (on request) a small set with quick tubes to fix the bike before reaching the nearest shop.

Flat tire are always at own risk.

Can I transport an adult in the Urban Arrow?

Yes, this is possible and allowed. The maximum allowed cargo including rider is 220 kg.

How to use our Urban Arrow?


It’s safe to transport my kids on a cargo bike / Urban Arrow?

Our experience tells us that a cargo bike for transporting children is safer than a bicycle with child seats. The cargo bike is equipped with safety belts for children and when needed a Maxi-Cosi holder for the little ones. The material (foam) of the shell in combination with a safety aluminum bar around the box protects your precious cargo from any impact.

Can a child also sit on the back?

No, transporting children on the back is not safe and therefore not possible.

Which accessories do I need for my kids?

Depending on the age we offer different accessories to make the ride possible or more comfortable:

  • Baby seat holder only: for kids between 0 and 12 months
  • Maxi Cosi carrier: only in combination with holder here above
  • Baby seat: for kids between 10 months and 2 years
  • Bike helmet: not obligatory for the Urban Arrow but up to your safety standards
  • Rain cover: depending on Mother nature’s mood…

Does any car chair fit on the Maxi Cosi holders?

No, the only two brands fitting are the Maxi Cosi or Cybex car seats.

Insurance & incidents

Do I need an insurance?

The same rules apply to our electric cargo bikes as to cyclists. Insurance is not mandatory for cyclists (and cargo cyclists).

If you do not have liability insurance yourself, please be aware of this: as the driver of a (cargo) bicycle you are, after all, liable for damage that you cause.

What does the Bicicare insurance cover?

In the unfortunate case the complete bike gets stolen and you can return us the keys, battery, and charger we will charge you only € 350 for the complete bike.

Without this insurance you must repay € 4,500 for the complete stolen bike.

Theft of the battery or rain cover due to negligence is never covered by the insurance and will be charged to the client.

Damages made to the bike or to other people is NEVER covered by this insurance.

What do I do in case of trouble with the bike?

Always contact us first so that we can decide what is the best and most suitable solution.

When taking the bike outside the city you are also responsible to get this back to us. On request, we can provide you free of charge with a tyre reparation set when going for the long run.

According to our records the chance you will encounter problems with the bikes its less than 0,5%

What do I do in case of theft?

In the event of theft of a rented cargo bike, you are obliged to contact us as soon as possible and report the theft to the police.

What happens if the bike has (small) damage like scratches?

Very minor scratches on the bike can happen, but any other visible bigger damages than that will be charged.